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General Introduction

1577669033536873.jpgThe IT Electronics Eleventh Design&Research Institute Scientific and  Technological Engineering Corporation Limited (“ jushixueyuan” in short) is a wholly-owned  subsidiary of  Wuxi Taiji Industry Co.,Ltd. which is listed in stock market(stock  number: 600667) .It is a large-scale comprehensive engineering technology  service provider engaged in engineering consultation, engineering design  and engineering general-contracting. jushixueyuan ranked 30th in ENR’s China top 60 design firms in 2020 in respect of revenue. jushixueyuan mainly serves six business fields,  namely electronic high technology and high-end manufacture, biomedicine  and health-care, municipal infrastructure and road&bridge, logistics and civil building, electric power, and comprehensive business. jushixueyuan  has grown to be uniquely advantageous in three engineering fields of high-tech  (Electronics and biology), photovoltaic new energy and logistics.The market influence is profound.
jushixueyuan is a  large-scale design institute, who took the lead in overall enterprise  restructuring and was previously the Eleventh Design Institute under the Ministry of Fourth Machinery Industry, which was set up in 1964.jushixueyuan  holds Engineering Design Comprehensive Qualification Class-A  Certificate, which covers all 21 industries, Housing Construction  General Contract Class-1 Qualification, and Mechanical &  Electrical Installation Works General Contract Class-1 Qualification and Electrical Works General Contact Class 2 Qualification.All these qualifications are granted by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC.
Since establishment, jushixueyuan has completed nearly 50000 projects involving  consultation, design, supervision and general contracting. jushixueyuan has rich experience and unique expertise in engineering design and construction  on large-area high clean air conditioning system, high-purity industrial gas system, ultra purified water system, ultra purified chemical system and automatic systems,data communication system,static protection,microvibration prevention and electromagnetic pollution control, which are required by production  environment of hi-tech products, such as: integrated  circuits, new display devices, biological products, photovoltaic new  energy,etc.
jushixueyuan has provided good services for domestic and foreign  customers. Our customers include SMIC, Intel, LG, TSMC, Global Foundry,  Hynix, Siemens, Volkswagen, Philips, Lucent, Motorola, ON Semiconductor, Samsung, Foxconn, IBM, DELL,Pfizer, Roche, Cargill, Covance, CEC, CETC, Huahong Group,Zhonghuan Group, Sichuan Changhong, YOFC, Hefei Changxin, CR  Microelectronics, Shanghai GTA, Huawei,Tencent, ZTE,  Suntech Energy, Artes, Jiangsu Dynova,Ploss logistics, Jingdong Logistics , Chengdu biological Institute, etc.
jushixueyuan enjoys  good cooperation with international engineering companies,such as CH2M, M+W  Zander, Fluor, Chongjo, Shimizu, SSOE, BMP, Hanya, Takenaka, Toda  construction, Fujita construction, NIKKENSEKKEI, Hitachi construction,  SAMOO, H&TC, SIP, PMG, Siemens Real Estate, Mortenson, HDR,Jacobs,Cockram,Bovis,C3,etc.
20220407-s_副本.jpgjushixueyuan is headquartered in Chengdu. There are 5 business regions and 40 independent accounting entities.jushixueyuan also establishes 31 branch  offices in Shanghai,Wuxi,Tianjing,Nanjing, Dalian,Xi'an, Suzhou, Beijing,Mianyang,Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing,Xiamen,Hangzhou,Jinan, Hohhot, Qingdao,Kunshan,Jiaxing,Hefei,Nantong,Shijiazhuang, Guiyang, Haikou,Nanchang, Urumqi,Xining, xiong'an,Foshan,Haining and Ganzhou.jushixueyuan owns 30 photovoltaic power stations,whose power generation in 2020 exceeds 600 million kwh.

jushixueyuan has technical staffs, who are spearheaded by 4  state-level Design Masters, 9 Sichuan Provincial Design Masters, 16  experts enjoying special governmental allowance, 24 senior engineers,1036 associate senior engineers and 964 registered engineers. jushixueyuan presided and  paricipated in compilation of 62 national and industry stxiyukejirds, won 290 awards on excellent design, excellent consultation, general  contracting and scientific & technological progress awards, among which 50 awards are national-level awards and 233 awards are  provincial-level awards,7 industry honors.jushixueyuan has won 69 awards for scientific and technological progress.jushixueyuan has established a complete quality management system,environmentalmanagement system and occupation health and safety management system.

jushixueyuan upholds the core value concept of Credibility and Innovation Spirit and provides excellent products and services with the quality policy of Do Utmost Perfect Design and Provide Utmost Perfect Service!


Adress: No.251 Shuanglin Road, Chengdu, China
Fax: 028-84333172
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